The Vision

Transforming Construction – Core Innovation Hub

The Transforming Construction Alliance envisages a better world through a better built environment. TCA’s mission is to be a catalyst for transforming the UK construction sector through manufacturing technologies and digital ways of working that are trusted and secure – boosting productivity, exports and asset performance to benefit society.

At the heart of the Transforming Construction Alliance approach is the delivery of a national Core Innovation Hub. The Hub will support collaboration across sectors and with businesses of all sizes, governmental organisations, universities, technology partners and RTOs, to develop, commercialise and promote digital and manufacturing technologies for the construction sector.

We will start by developing, demonstrating and validating “product family architectures” – standardised platforms and components – for schools, prisons, hospitals and other standard buildings procured by government every year. We will work with key departments to help them meet their ambitions to deliver the majority of their buildings this way in the short term. We will also combine this with research to understand how the industry may need to change in terms of skills, product standards, capacity and innovation.

We will develop the next stage of building information management (BIM) processes, tools and standards for the whole lifecycle of an asset to ensure the UK remains the world leader in digital construction and that we enable the trusted and secure procurement and curation of the right information to drive better whole life value.

We will develop new digital approaches to quality control, testing and validation, and regulatory compliance. Underlying this will be an academic programme to create the information management frameworks and rules which will underpin digital twins, the future digital built environment and grow exports for UK knowhow.

The Core Innovation Hub aims to enable buildings to be built faster, more sustainably and more economically. These buildings will go on to perform better in terms of ongoing running costs as well as social and environmental outcomes.


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