Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK economy – with a turnover of £370 billion, contributing £138 billion in value added to the UK economy and employing 3.1 million people (9% of the total UK workforce).

The UK ranks a lowly 24th (of 140) in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness report for infrastructure quality and, in response, the National Infrastructure and Construction body of the UK Government is investing £500bn worth of new infrastructure over the coming few years.

In order to be able to deliver this aspiration, recognising skills and historical project management issues, a new approach to delivery is required.  The sector needs to transform the way buildings are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected within the built environment to create high performing assets through the use of digital and advanced manufacturing.

The Transforming Construction Alliance will enable a structural change programme to deliver this; through an evidence based and demonstrated set of activities including a complete understanding of the marketing opportunities, a set of tools for industry to enable a step change in productivity and fully relevant and proportionate standards.

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